6 August 2015

Integrated Credit Card Processing

6 August 2015,

We are extremely sorry to announce that we have decided to drop our proposed affiliation with Payline Data, the credit card merchant service. This […]

30 April 2015

Getting ready for ICD-10

30 April 2015,

ICD-10 becomes effective October 1, 2015. Are you ready? We are encouraging all of our users to prepare for this change by familiarizing themselves […]

10 February 2015

Help with PQRS

10 February 2015,

Looking for more information about PQRS codes and procedures? Here’s a helpful website: http://www.apapracticecentral.org/reimbursement/improvement/pqri-faq.aspx  

6 January 2015

HIPAA Compliance and Security Measures

6 January 2015,

At TherapyAppointment, we take the security of patient information quite seriously: it is our number one priority, superseding all other goals. Achieving this goal […]

12 November 2014

Charting, Notes – Text Recovery

12 November 2014,

If you have ever been frustrated by typing a long chart note, only to have TherapyAppointment lose the note by requiring you to log […]