6 August 2015
6 August 2015,

We are extremely sorry to announce that we have decided to drop our proposed affiliation with Payline Data, the credit card merchant service. This has been a painful decision for us: we have been promising you this alternative service for many months, and we have invested hundreds of man-hours producing software for the new service.

Although they have given us promises of substantially lower rates for you, this is now questionable. Initial reports from several of you about their customer service have not met our expectations. Their handling of our needs as software producers has fallen short of our expectations. Finally, their handling of sensitive bank account information has been in a manner that we feel is inappropriate.

We know that many of you have signed up for accounts with Payline with the expectation that their service would soon be integrated with ours. If you have set up an account with them, please write to us about this: we will give you a free month of service to compensate for the unnecessary expense on your part. If you have established an account with Payline, you will need to terminate that service yourself, if that is your wish.

We are now investigating other merchant services; we still want to offer an alternative to our current service, Cayan, since we feel that competition helps to maintain a healthy marketplace.

Our apologies for not detecting earlier that Payline was not going to be a good fit for our customers or for ourselves.

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