Individual Practitioner Rates:

The monthly fee is based upon the number of appointments scheduled.

  • $57.50/month (Regular rate): practitioner schedules more than 40+ appointments per month
  • $30.00/month (Getting Started rate): practitioner schedules 39 or fewer appointments per month.  Accounts are audited monthly and automatically upgraded to the regular rate when the 40 session/month limit is exceeded.

There is a one-time $39.00 signup fee which covers online training and support.

Group Practice Discounts:

The monthly fee is based upon the number of appointments scheduled and the number of practitioners in a group. A “group” is defined as “several clinicians practicing in close proximity who are sharing the same secondary password, and thereby sharing non-clinical information with other members of their group.” This may be a traditional group practice billed under a group NPI, or may be an informal group comprised of independent practitioners sharing a waiting room who each bill under their individual NPI numbers.

The number of clinicians in the group who schedule more than 40 appointments per month, “40+ clinicians”, determines the basic monthly rate for each of them:

  • One 40+ clinician: $57.50/month/clinician
  • Two 40+ clinicians: $52.50/month/clinician
  • Three 40+ clinicians: $47.50/month/clinician
  • Four 40+ clinicians: $42.50/month/clinician
  • Five or more 40+ clinicians: $40.00/month/clinician

In addition, you may add low-usage clinicians to the group at the following prices:

  • $30.00/month/clinician for clinicians scheduling 10-39 sessions per month
  • $10.00/month/clinician for clinicians scheduling 0-9 sessions per month

Administrative and Clinical Supervisor accounts are free.

Example: if a group practice consists of three “40+ therapists”, plus one “getting started” therapist who schedules 25 appointments per month, plus two administrative staff members who help with billing and scheduling, the fee would be: $47.50 + 47.50 + 47.50 + 30.00 + 0.00 + 0.00 = $172.50/month for the entire group.

There is a one-time $39.00 signup fee that covers online training and support. Groups using one credit card to pay the bill for the entire group will pay this fee only once. A reduced $10.00/practitioner signup fee is charged for each additional practitioner added to the group.

The addition of “low usage” practitioners does not qualify others in the group for any additional discount. Accounts are audited monthly to determine if a low-usage account has exceeded the 39 session limit. If that limit has been reached, the account will be upgraded to the 40+ clinician rate, and appropriate discounts will be recalculated.

Pricing for the extremely low usage practitioner (fewer than 10 appointments per month) is available only to groups, and only when there is at least one high-usage practitioner in the group.

We hate hidden fees! Our software system can be connected with two other completely independent businesses who may charge additional fees in some circumstances. We want you to know about their policies so that nothing is hidden:

  • Office Ally can provide optional electronic claims processing, seamlessly connected to our system. Office Ally does not usually charge any fees to you for this service. However, if more than 50% of an independent clinician’s or a traditional group’s electronic claims in any one month are submitted to non-participating insurance companies, they will bill you $35.00 for the month in which this occurs. These programs include Medicare, as well as Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans of some states. You can access this payer list by clicking here (the non-participating insurance companies are marked with a G/NP). In addition, they will charge 45 cents per claim if you choose to have them print and mail claims for you in circumstances where electronic claim submission is not possible. This is highly recommended; it is less than the cost of the stamp alone.
  • Cayan can provide optional credit card processing for your practice, fully integrated into our system. They have a “price match guarantee”, and several plans available that can be tailored to your needs. You can contact them directly to discuss their rates by calling 1-800-498-0823, or by signing up via the following link: